Beautiful and Educational: The Best Cities to Study In

Young people who are at the cusp of their educational journey will most of the time choose a foreign university in order to continue their studies after graduating from high school. There are numerous inspirational universities abroad that lie in beautiful cities all around the world, which are noteworthy for their charm and characteristics which make them an ideal choice for those who wish to indulge themselves into a truly academic experience.7194419730_1e1b5c0977_b

On this dedicated page of the website, prospecting students will be able to read some general information about some of the most impressive universities worldwide.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: located in the beautiful city of Cambridge, this elite educational institute offers some of the most advanced and impressive course structures from all over the world and it is famous for its overall high academic level and the fact that is the place from where some of the world’s greatest minds have graduated:
  • Oxford University: ranked second in the top 50 universities in the world, this university in the UK is known for being the oldest English-speaking university in the world and the second university in continuous operation since it was first established in 1096;
  • Stanford University: this world famous university is located in the charming Palo Alto city from the state of California and is possesses one of the largest campuses in the whole United States of America, offering its students ample space for socialising and gathering;
  • Harvard University: also located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is United States’ oldest higher learning institute and its historical background, influence and wealth which have turned it into one of the world’s most prestigious universities are still some of the aspects which appeal most to its applicants;
  • Lund University: probably one of the most famous European universities, located in southern Sweden, it offers its students a wonderful campus, surrounded by great nature and rich with traditional Swedish architecture – both having an immediate impact on all those who attend its courses.