Why Study in Central America

Why Should You Study in Central America?

The best way to learn is to combine travel, pleasure and academia, so why not pack your bags and embark yourself on an adventure by moving to Central America for a semester or two? In addition to being able to enjoy the stunning scenery and nature that Central America has been blessed with, you might even learn Spanish. How many hours have you spent studying Spanish in school to only realize later that you did not learn anything and ended up with the feeling that it was a waste of time?etudier-efficacement

The best way to learn a new language is by living and breathing in a place where you are exposed to that language 24 / 7. There are plenty of options and prospects when considering Central America as a travel and exchange study destination. There are many countries in this paradise like, Caribbean region, surrounded by warm, turquoise sea water. Among the countries in Central America, you can visit Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and last but not least, Bahamas. The latter became an independent Commonwealth state in 1973, although they still proclaim Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch, and even today remains one of the richest countries in the whole of the Americas.

The economy of countries in Central America is based on tourism and export of goods such as tobacco and coffee. Because of Central America’s geo-location in the Central America Volcanic Arc, high seismic activity is common in the region. Another characteristic of Central America is the extreme natural phenomena that can occur every now and then, such as tornadoes, typhoons, heavy storms and rainfall, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc. However, these are minor disadvantages in comparison to what you can earn in life enriching experiences from living in this beautiful region.